What's In It For You?

Let's look at a few benefits of having a professional website for you as a real estate broker and/or associate…

  • You receive more leads, more leads more income—the Internet ranks third as the most important source of generating leads only referrals and repeat clients produce more leads.
  • You establish credibility with your prospects and clients by having a professional web presence—82% of buyers and sellers say reputation and trustworthiness are the two most important criteria they use when selecting a real estate agent.1
  • You'll be ahead of much of your competition—if you were a buyer looking for a home online wouldn't you rather use a webiste where you could see properties than use one where you can't?
  • Your store front is always open 24/7—prospects and clients can search for homes and get important informaton at any time even at 2:00 in the morning and it's on their time not yours.
  • You communicate immediately with your prospects when they request more information using a built in auto response system—so even if you're out showing properties you'll still be providing the level of service your prospects expect.
  • You can keep in close contact with your past clients using group email—referrals and repeat clients are your first two sources of leads so keeping in touch is essential.

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1. NAR Technology Survey 2006