Datacenter Information

Your Internet and Intranet presence is only as good as the infrastructure that hosts it. As you'll see below we have taken great care to make sure your services are available at all times and that your data assets are protected and backed up. You can rest easy knowing that when your customers and associates go to use your web sites that they will be ready and waiting for them.

100% Uptime Guarantee

We understand the necessity of high availability to our customers and make every effort to provide services that consistently exceed your expectations. We offer the following levels of service to ensure maximum availability and performance. Our 100% uptime guarantee sets standards for service in these critical areas:

Network Availability

We guarantee that our network will be available 100% of the time (excluding scheduled maintenance).

Infrastructure Guarantee

We guarantee that critical systems, including power and HVAC, will be available 100% of the time (excluding scheduled maintenance).

Multiple Tier 1 Connectivity Providers

Our servers receive connectivity from 5 different Tier 1 providers on a multi-homed, redundant network featuring Gigabit and OCx Internet connections. The redundancy of our network enables us to withstand a loss of multiple providers while still providing you with ample connectivity to your web sites.

Diversified Fiber Conduits

The network our servers reside on is built to prevent any single point of failure. The fiber for our connectivity providers enters the building via separate conduits to prevent connectivity loss in the unlikely event of a fiber cut.

Redundant Core Routing

Our system is powered by a Cisco Network and employs fully-redundant Cisco routing equipment. HSRP failover ensures immediate routing cutover in the unlikely event of router failure.

Central UPS

Our servers are supplied with conditioned UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) that will run even if utility power fails. The UPS subsystem is N+1 redundant with instantaneous failover.

Diesel Generator

Our on-site diesel generator will instantly take over in the unlikely event of a power outage and it can power the facility indefinitely. The generator is routinely tested to make certain that it will run in the event of an emergency.

Redundant HVAC

Our data center's HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system is N+1 redundant to ensure that even in the event of an entire HVAC system failure, there is a duplicate system on standby to take over.

Gas Fire Suppression

FE-25 gas displacement systems provide protection against fires in the server room. This serves the dual purpose of protecting your data from fire damage and allows us to avoid water damage from sprinkler system discharge.

Data Backup

Our servers employ RAID technology, which writes all data to two independent hard drives at the same time. This real time backup ensures that the unlikely failure of a hard drive will not cause loss of data or interruption of service. In addition, daily as well as weekly disk to disk backups are maintained, which could be used to recreate the entire system in the case of a catastrophic system failure.

Network Technicians

Highly trained support technicians are available 24x7 to make sure our servers are always online. Technicians go through extensive training and a background check before they are allowed near our equipment.